Q. Who's that old guy in the picture?
A. Bobby Leach. He went over the falls in that steel barrel. Quite a stunt! Broke both knee caps and his jaw... If you google him, he has quite a story!

Q. What's with your name?
A. It's a play off "Publicity Stunt". Clever, no?

Q. How long have you guys been at this?
A. Combined? Over a decade... though get any of us on the horn and we're always glad to regale you with tales of our old days!

Q. What is a publicist?
A. Dictionary.com says: pub⋅li⋅cist n. a person who publicizes, esp. a press agent or public-relations consultant. That means we spread the word. As far as Stunt goes, though, we're kind of a one stop shop for anything you need on the business end. Like we've said... we've been around the block a few times.

Q. Who do you generally work with?
A. Anyone that needs help. From authors to bands to filmmakers and anyone in between. We have contacts relevant to virtually any form of media.